Network Marketing – Separation of Church and State

What has Network Marketing got to do with the age old battle between religion and politics? Well, in my opinion, plenty. I believe this is an important concept that stall the progress of many multi level marketing businesses. Read on and find out why the MLM business dilemma is very similar!

Since civilization began there have been two factions attempting to control our lives. On the one hand religion gives us a set of rules to live by, usually an interpretation of a book such as the Koran, Christian Bible, Baghavad Gita, etc. Each country has its spiritual leaders who set the moral tone for society and seek influence in government from their communication with the God(s)!

The secular faction believes in rule of law, and building society without religious influence. They feel that the country should be run for the good of the people rather than the good of the church.

Often governments are in conflict with religion and many times, like in the middle ages when the church took control of society in Europe, religion completely stopped the progress of mankind. The same could be said for modern Iran, Afghanistan, and many other countries where religion dominates the government. Even Galileo was ridiculed by the church when he demonstrated gravity by dropping objects form the leaning tower of Pizza. The church was scared Magellan was going to fall off the flat earth when he sailed around it, and if the Catholic Church had its way, the US probably would never have existed!

How Does All This Apply To Network Marketing?

Well in my 12 years of involvement with Multi Level Marketing companies, it has been a constant battle of customers versus business builders. We are told to seek those who will influence others rather than find a bunch of customers for our products. Because of this many people are turned off by the concept they have to ask people to join them in a network marketing opportunity, especially if they don’t feel they are making the money everyone talks about in their network marketing business. If you are fortunate enough to have great products, it is going to be easier to find a bunch of product users than business builders. After all every MLM marketing business offers a way to make money by recruiting leaders, don’t they!

We have two clear paths to success. Build your multi level marketing business by adding and replacing a bunch of product users, or start looking for the leader who will change your life overnight!

Words Of Wisdom.

Here is what I have learned. I can show you how to build a marketing system to attract hoards of buyers for your MLM marketing company’s products, enrolling them as distributors along the way. Among them you will find a few of the people you want as partners for your MLM marketing business. Not too hard. More difficult is to trawl through countless “opportunity seekers” to find a couple of people ready to go to work to change their circumstances. Most simply won’t do what is necessary, shying away from talking to people, or asking their contacts to come on board.

You build up a huge list of people interested in the product. I have done this. Then you send an email informing them of the network marketing opportunity. What happens? Well a whole bunch of people unsubscribe and you lose them as customers! This is the truth and it has happened to me several times along the way.

Can You Prevent This?

Well, yes, I think you can. One way to operate your MLM marketing is to lead with the business every time, and let someone else get the product customers. After all customers usually only stick around a few months and then move on to the next miracle product. The other is to send a carefully crafted email letting them know you are so impressed with these products, you are looking for a partner to assist you to spread the word. Make it subtle enough that it won’t scare the customers away, and raise curiosity of those who might be looking for extra income, and perhaps an MLM opportunity.

Believe me, a straight out opportunity email to your customer list will lose you a lot of business, and that is the real purpose of this message. Back to my analogy, if the president tells us all to go to church, what do we do? If he tells us to obey the laws, we listen.

You need MLM marketing business builders to create a large residual income – you can’t do it alone. So be careful how you communicate with your product user base and in the end you will have a much larger volume to get paid on. You can pluck your business builders form your customer base, or get out in the market place and be prepared to have lots of “no’s” and simply move on sifting until you find a “yes”. I would do both so you can make money while finding your leaders and prove you can make money from your Network Marketing business. This is the ultimate answer to the question, should I focus on customers or business partners. Keep them separate and you never know where the diamond in your Network Marketing Business will come from!

Final Words

To be successful in Multi Level Marketing, you need a clear vision and rock solid belief you can make it there. If you don’t have a story yet, use someone else’s, but you need a strong belief that anyone can make it in an MLM home business, if they apply themselves. This infects those you talk to and is the single biggest factor determining your recruiting results. No script or system can give you this. It is internal. Armed with your clear vision, you can use the many tools out there, including my MLM Customer Acquisition System, to create an abundance of network marketing customers and MLM business partners to ensure your network marketing business provides financial future and life of freedom.

The Reality of the Global Information Network

Times are very tough for many people today. The economy is not good at all right now in the world, and many people are struggling to make ends meet. In times like these, financial freedom is literally a dream for most people. It doesn’t have to be a dream, though, for you. In fact, you now have access to information that can get you the prosperity of which you have only dreamed thus far. You can make yourself as wealthy as you want.

If you are interested in elevating your financial status and your level of wealth in such hard economic times, this may not be a very easy thing. You can increase your financial wealth by joining something called the Global Information Network. You may be worried about this being a scam, and if you are, this article can help you remedy those worries.

The Global Information Network is a group that you can join to gain access to some of the secrets and knowledge that have for so long been held exclusively by the leaders of society and the privileged individuals that have been members of some of the world’s secret societies. With admission into the Global Information Network, you can have access to this knowledge.

One of the biggest worries about this is that this is a scam because it involves secret societies of the world. Many people, especially those that are unfamiliar with the ideas of secret societies, believe that these cannot in fact exist. They also believe that admission to the Global Information Network cannot get them any kind of information that is shared within these societies.

The reality is that The Freemasons, The Illuminati, The Brotherhood and other secret societies do exist, and they share real knowledge with their members. This knowledge helps these people to achieve the success that they want for themselves. This is why the members of these societies are wealthy and powerful. They have gained access to the secrets and used them to gain prosperity.

By joining the Global Information Network, you can have access to this information and knowledge. That way, you can gain the empowerment given to people that are members of these societies. This empowerment comes in the form of knowledge that can help you to combat the tough economic times that the world is facing. You will be able to change your situation and achieve financial freedom that you want. You will be much happier in your freer state of living.

If you want to change your financial state, but you are worried about the Global Information Network scam, then you don’t have to worry about a thing. These societies are real, and the knowledge that they give individuals that help them to achieve the financial success and prosperity that they want is real as well. You can gain the benefits of joining a secret society by taking part in the Global Information Network, and you, too, can become financially free and happy with your life.

Does Online Social Media and Networking Promote Social “ism” in Our Society?

Now then, we’ve all watched the incredible expansion of social networks and social media like MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ in recent years. In fact, these social networks have been used by populations to overthrow their governments. Mass groups of unsatisfied citizens, using these networks to get out the word, stage a protest, and alert the media and the world. Okay so, I have a question for you; do these online media websites and social networking companies inadvertently promote socialism?

Okay so, social media and social networks promote all sorts of things, and it of course depends on the different groups which get together online. They might very well promote freedom, liberty, anarchy, capitalism, communism, or socialism. They might promote a religion, global warming, or a major candidate, or political party for office. In fact, they’ve done all of those things, and we see trends all over the place. Still, social media allows people to get together, and when that happens; trends form, grow, and then affect the whole of society, perhaps even globally.

What sorts of trends are being formed, and how big they grow does matter. If they grow too fast, they could cause chaos, anarchy, and take down the stability of a country. They might also insight a strong sense of nationalism which could lead to socialism, or promote capitalism. It is not an either/or answer, however whenever trends move forward, they tend to move much faster online in these networks than they do in real life. This can cause problems.

President Obama and his committee to get him elected along with his handlers and promoters did quite a good job harnessing the power of social media, and many of the ideas, and comments spoken into the Teleprompter during his campaign reflected polls, percentages, and growing trends online. In many regards one could say that social media has promoted socialism in the United States, but for a staunch Republican, or even the tea party, it could very well promote capitalism, free markets, and responsible government.

Therefore, as to the question; does social media and social networking promote socialism – the answer is yes, of course, but it also promotes all sorts of other things as well. One unfortunate problem is if all the people get together and start demanding free stuff, and they obligate their politicians to go out and get what they demand or refuse to reelect them, then they could very well drive a stake through capitalism, and send the United States of America into downtrends of socialism. In other words yes, we should be concerned, and keep an eye on things. Please consider all this and think on it.

Internet Marketing and Social Networking – A Match Made in Cyber Space Heaven!

On January 22, 2010 Nielsen Wire published a report stating that time spent on social networking sites had increased from 3 hours per month to 5.5 hours per month in the last year, representing an 82% increase in the use of social media. These people are not only using the social networking sites for personal enjoyment but also for seeking out products and services they want to purchase. Social networking has taken the whole concept of internet marketing to a whole new level.

It was not long ago that social networking, especially associated with promoting your business online, barely existed. But these days, if you are an Entrepreneur and you do not have a modest understanding of social networking and howyou can use it to drive traffic to your business, then you are already behind most of your competition. Just like the Media and Public Relations Directors of yesterday drove company messages to the masses through basic advertising, Internet and Social Media Sites are driving those same messages to a brand new type of consumer that is now technologically advanced.

Sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are bringing businesses and the public together by the thousands. So how can this help you more than what you are already doing? Well take a look at this example for instance: let’s say your little boutique shop on main street in small town America can fit one hundred customers at any giving time. Multiply that by the average number of minutes they browse, then by the number of hours you are open, add in the environmental variables (rain, snow, etc.) and then take out the ones who do not buy anything. Somewhere in there you will get your active daily clientele. These numbers are very hard to count on, and there are only so many hours in your business day. It is also difficult to pin point what the consumer will want to buy and then hope you have it stocked in your limited retail space. All of these variables and dynamics change with Internet marketing and social networking sites. They are open 24 hours a day and can bring you customers from all over the world, instead of you just counting on the traffic from your hometown area.

A great social network marketing campaign can make or break a company. Remember in high school how good and or bad news could spread through the school in one day? Social networking online makes it possible to spread the same information around the world in just minutes. Internet marketing and social networking is a match made in cyber space heaven and your ability to conquer this new frontier could literally be the difference between success and failure.

Social networking sites also provide little to no guesswork to what consumers are looking for. They give up a vast array of personal information in the name of “social networking” or “social connecting”. No longer do you have to look at a customer and wonder what kind of t-shirt will they like. Most of them are telling you what they like and dislike through their own personal profiles. What they are not telling you with their personal profiles, they are telling you with the groups that they are joining, the pages they are becoming friends of and or the post they are leaving.

Social networking and online shopping is no longer limited to the confines of the home and the desktop computer either. We have now become a mobile society. Laptops and wireless Internet paved the way for us to be connected to our friends on the move, and now new smart cell phones are taking that mobility further into a new frontier. A recent study from Ruder Finn revealed that Americans are spending nearly three hours per day on their mobile phones. We are now a 24/7 mobile locked social networking society with worldwide connections. If you think this all seems far-fetched and the thought of all this technology challenges you, then you may want to seek help quickly and get in the game.

The world is forever changing and that includes the business world. Network marketing and social media are not going away. They are evolving with the times, and they will not die out anytime soon. If you have not already, you may as well plan on getting with this program to survive in today’s marketing world.

What Does an Inclusive Society Mean for Networks Connecting Academy Schools?

Initiatives such as ‘Total Place’, the PSN and ‘digital inclusion’ all relate to the idea of an inclusive society. Everyone should have access to the same resources, through shared services, at significant cost savings. So what does this buzz around an included society mean for the new free schools and academy schools – who will have a budget separate from their Local Authority?

Of course the emergence of these academy schools does not mean that this is a recent issue. An Academy is, simply put, a grant maintained school in a different guise. In order to fulfill the notion of an ‘included society’ we need to be looking to include all schools that are spending government money. Initiatives like Total Place looks at how a ‘whole area’ approach to public services can lead to better services at less cost. An academy is a public service and should surely be included. Should the government be insisting that these academies spend their IT budget by opting into a county wide network sharing scheme?

A number of issues arise from this if it were to be the case: for example these schools would have to pay VAT, unlike schools under the Local Authority’s budget. How much influence would the academy have on any decisions made? There may be inconsistency between the strict public sector best practice procurement process and the approach of the academy. Despite these issues, it is possible for an academy to currently opt into (or indeed, out of) a shared network. Perhaps the simple answer is to rely on the common sense of IT procurement decisions within the academies and the fact that the benefits of shared networks speak for themselves. For example:

– The cost for secure internet access will be optimized by being a part of a shared network, in our experience this it can be up to 25% more cost effective.

– When any school – including an academy, sends sensitive data (e.g. to the DCSF) it must be by a secure method, and not by open email, no matter what encryptions are in place. A well-designed shared network infrastructure will be pre-built to GCSX standards and to adopt the PSN.

– VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) across shared networks can be structured into a network to ensure privacy and maintain the independence of an academy and broaden network choices for different groups utilising the school infrasructure

– Controls are built into the networks that limit access to unsuitable materials.

– There is a lower administration burden on the school’s IT manager

– A well-designed managed wireless network can offer improved resilience over an independent system.