How Valuable Are Your Online Friends? Does the Time Spent In Social Networking Really Pay Off?

What is the value of a friend on Facebook? Did you know there are some companies that will provide you with fake virtual online friends for price? I’m not sure what they are charging these days, maybe it’s 10 for $10, and you get the 11th one free? That seems pretty silly doesn’t it? Okay so let’s talk about all these topics for second shall we?

Not long ago, someone mentioned to me after reading an article I’d written on this topic that he’d noticed an interesting trend in our society with regards to online “friends” on social networks. He stated; “The more acquaintances you can amass, the greater the chance you will have someone to turn to in need.”

Now then, I understand the concept of amassing “friends” online to network and improve the chances of getting help in time of need. Maybe that’s why so many people wish to be my friend? I hate to think that everyone contacting me “wants something” but alas that is the mentality of so many folks – they want a stimulus, food stamps, a new job, or some gift from the gods, such as the old fat mean-spirited lady who reads romance novels where an ultra-rich, good looking, muscular hunk rescues them from mundaneness. I just see this sort of nonsense as counter-productive and much akin to playing the lottery, after all if one amasses enough lottery tickets they are bound to eventually win? I see it all as petty, and quite telling of society’s mentality.

Okay so, you might indeed see it differently, in fact, you might be all in when it comes to getting friends on Facebook or your other social networking websites. If that’s your goal to amass the highest number of friends to surpass your other friends (real or imaginary), and therefore find self-validation, then go for it. Who am I to tell you what your life’s goals should be? To each his own I say. Nevertheless, one could ask the question; is this even healthy for human societies, not just here the United States, but everywhere else in the world as well.

There are over 1 billion people on Facebook alone, and even if 10% of those people are make believe and bogus profiles that still leaves 900 million people and that is a large percentage of the Earth’s population. Not only that, but Facebook is hardly the only social networking website online. Why not do a self-study, why not ask all your friends on your social networking site to help you with some important project that you have or to send you money. How many of those friends that you have would be so inclined to help you?

You probably haven’t asked anyone for help so far on your social networking site, so this would be a new thing. Indeed, many individuals believe that amassing friends is a smart way to go in case these individual users are ever in need. Of course, accumulating friends in advance to ask them for something is not a very friendly thing to do, is it? What happened to self-reliance? I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Low-Wage Workers, Wealth Building, and the Magic of Network Marketing

Finding A Solution

What is the solution to helping low-wage workers? It is a tough question to answer but I do believe that a viable solution can be found. However, with a solution, a simple way for low-income earners to earn more income, low-income earners will need to have or develop the desire to want to earn more and to better their life. They must change their thinking- their core beliefs. Without a strong desire and the right thinking (core beliefs), you or no one outside of you can help you, the low-wage worker, to change your life and financial situation.

Network Marketing – A Viable Solution

The Network Marketing industry has proven to be a powerful way for individuals to earn more income and best of all it is a much easier industry to get into when considering starting a business. Many companies today offer free start up packages or kits with a web site to new distributors. Therefore, getting started in a part-time business, a money making venture, is easy. With that said, low-wage workers have the optimum chance of changing their financial situation. In addition, with a dedicate up line who truly helps their down line members, low-wage workers or anyone who joins will not be in business by themselves. In contrast, starting a traditional business requires a huge upfront out lay of cash to get it started.

For low-wage workers, this factor completely cuts them off from starting a business and changing their financial situation. Even with a traditional business, you are not guaranteed success or enough profits to change your financial situation significantly. However, with network marketing, you have the potential to build a network that purchases or uses a key product or service that they love and need on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. With a growing network, your profit continues to grow right along with your network. A key secret the wealthy know is that to build wealth they need to build a network or have assets that continually kick off income to them whether they are their in person working to bring in that income or not. For low-income earners, network marketing gives them this opportunity to build an income-producing network. Low-wage worker, imagine you getting into a network marketing opportunity with a product or service that you wholeheartedly believe in, that gives you positive results every time you use it. You get into the opportunity, say for just $10 with a $10 per month product or service cost, and initially you got started just to try the product or service. After the first month, you notice that the product or service benefited you greatly from it usage.

With this positive first hand result, you now have a great story to tell others of how this product or service solved a particular problem for you, or helped eased a painful condition for you. With this story, you now can go and show and share this product or service with others. If you are in the business as an independent associate or distributor, you can share in the profits of every one you show the product or service to, when they become a customer. In traditional businesses, if you tell someone of a product or service and he or she becomes a customer of the company that sells this product; you are not paid for this- are you? However, some companies may pay you a one-time finder’s fee for getting them a new customer but that is it. With network marketing, you are paid repeatedly every time the new customer makes a purchase. What would you rather do? Refer new customers for a one-time commission or refer new customers for repeated commissions from that same referral. This is a no-brainer. Get paid for something you would normally do for free. If a company wants to pay you for bringing them new business then I say let them. This is what you have in Network Marketing. In good companies, you are paid over, and over again for the same referrals.

It has Been Here for Centuries….

Network marketing has been here for centuries and over the years in the form of direct sales and it has gotten better and better every year. Yes there has been some controversy over the validity of network marketing but it has survived all of the negative media attention and now it has become one of, if not, the very best ways to increase your income, build a business, and a network that can provide you with wealth beyond your wildest dreams. No, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Network marketing is a distribution system that can bring a product or service to the marketplace from the manufacturer straight to the customer. In light of a traditional business, this is an ideal system for bringing new products and services to the marketplace. However, what would we do with all those retail stores? I guess they would have to manufacture their own products. To check the validity of network marketing just ask a lawyer who have defended network marketing companies, or distributors.

I am sure that you will find out that network marketing is truly a real opportunity for starting a business. You can even check with the U. S. chamber of Commerce although they may called it direct sales, direct selling, or affiliate marketing, etc. It all boils down to network marketing and residual income. Today’s employees can no longer depend on their employer-funded retirement programs if the job even has one. If you are a low-wage worker, you know company benefits, retirement programs are non-existent. By starting a network marketing business on the side, you give yourself your own retirement program. With your own network, you give yourself an unlimited income and retirement resource that you may be able to will to your love ones. You can never do this in a low-wage job.

How To Get Started In Network Marketing

The simple way to get started in network marketing is to find a company that has products or services that you wholeheartedly believe in and can get enthusiastic about the company and its business opportunity. With your genuine enthusiasm and excitement, you can be that much more convincing (believable) when you tell others about your product or service and ask them to try the products.

Once the believability and trust is established between you and your prospects, your business building will become easier. However, this may take a while maybe 6 months, a year, or more but when it happens you will have a thriving, growing network marketing business. You simply have to stay in long enough and keep doing the things that can build your business. Another way is to find a company with unique products and services that are highly needed in society and that no other company has. If consumers are in need of these products and services, if only this company has them, and if they are affordable, you then have the makings of the ultimate opportunity. Well, you can actually cut out the (ifs) because there is such a company with unique products and services that are highly needed in today’s society.

Every North American and Canadian family needs these products and services. The only company that has these unique products and services- who also is the founder of this industry in North America- has made these products highly affordable and now has made it super easy for anyone to get into the business. If you are a parent in today’s society, you could very well be saying to your family, “you are not worth me getting these products and services for our family” By not becoming a member of this company PPL.

A complete membership with this company gives your family a blanket of protection they need to give them and you peace of mind. In addition, you get this one service for free that generally can cost from $500 to $1,500 or more just for becoming a member and getting the expanded plan. This one free service lets you write the ultimate love letter to your love ones. This one free service alone makes becoming a member and/or an independent associate a no-brainer.

In conclusion

Network marketing allows anyone with dreams of wanting more for their family, earning more, or starting a meaningful business for the security and time freedom to spend quality time with their family, friends, and love ones to get started with minimal risk and huge rewards. Network marketing has been around for years and has developed into a serious life-changing gem of an opportunity for anyone who gets in and takes this industry and opportunity seriously. Billionaires and millionaires are now beginning to see the huge potential this opportunity- Network Marketing- can provide anyone. In short, it is a no-brainer for low-wage workers and the ultimate solution and opportunity to change anyone’s financial and lifestyle.

Leveraging in Network Marketing Today

Network marketing today will help you in achieving the status of a financial freedom society. This is due to the way such MLM businesses are structured making it one of the greatest money making systems in the economy today where you are able to start with a low capital, and make high returns. Not only do you not have to carry any inventory, but overheads are minimal as well, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of this small home based business opportunity.

As per Robert Kiyosaki, when he first heard about network marketing, he was against the idea. However after opening his mind, he began to see the advantages of network marketing that few other business opportunities offer.

Do not be mistaken that MLM businesses are part of the get rich quick money making systems. If you expect to succeed in network marketing today, you will be required to make a commitment and be focused. In addition, you will need to be able to rally others in the organization including uplines, downlines, and even sidelines so as to effectively leverage on the team.

In network marketing, you must remember that you cannot work alone. It is a business where teamwork is of utmost importance. One of the finest principles to note is the principle of edification. Take a look at the successful network marketers and you will find that they have perfected this skill. Not only do they edify their uplines, but equally so for their downlines as well. Most importantly, this edification is to be done in front of prospects and other team members.

Edifying a team member builds credibility especially for that member and gives him/her an air of authority when dealing with prospects and other team members. This also serves to encourage each other and build a bonding amongst team members.

Emphasis is placed on helping the whole network to grow. As an upline, it is part of your responsibility to train, guide, and coach your downlines. However as your network grows, you may not be bale to give full attention to all in your team. It is to your advantage to work closely with your sidelines as well as uplines.

Once all in your network are fully trained, you would promote duplication where your downlines are expected to help their downlines just like how you helped them. If your downlines had seen and learnt from your example, they would have a good role model to follow. When they are able to effectively take care of their downlines, the process of duplication is almost complete and this allows you to leverage on their time which is of great benefit to you.

Also do remember that you are in a business for yourself but not by yourself. It is imperative that everyone in the organization promotes teamwork and helps to ‘look out’ for each other. When you project a cohesive team of people working towards a common objective, prospects will feel more comfortable joining your team.

Once you have successfully leveraged on this, this small home based business opportunity can be one of those money making systems that continually generate residual income for you. This goes a long way in helping you leverage your way to success in MLM businesses and you are one step closer to building a financial freedom society with your small home based business opportunity.

Who Are You? Do You Even Know Anymore – Social Networking World and Self

It seems these days we are destroying the self-esteem, self-confidence, and even strength of character of each and every individual in our school system. By the time these kids get out of school, they don’t seem to know who they are, and they seem to be a little depressed. Worse, they go to college because they think that is an avenue for success, and therefore they will be respected by society, and all they are doing is getting into economic enslavement for much of the rest of their lives.

Okay so, along comes social networking, yes, it’s a new thing, but in the last five years it has certainly taken hold, and the next 10 years it will be integrated into every aspect of our lives as voters, consumers, and even wiggle its way into our family lives. It is also shaping our identities, and it is a little bit confusing for humans because their cultures and societies have evolved a certain way, and along comes this new thing, which is still evolving trying to match the virtual world with the real one.

The other day, on March 2, 2012, I read an interesting article on Read Write Web entitled; “Introducing Your Hyperconneced Online-Offline Identity,” by Alicia Eler and I must say she had an interesting take on all the changes afoot with regards to social online networks and issues of self-esteem, and even if our own mirror to reality and self is still viable.

“One can become obsessed with the Internet, and find themselves feeling sad and lost when they do leave the glowing screen(s). As we become more accustomed to being kings and queens of our own Internet worlds, our brains do quietly adapt to new stresses and modes of cognition, but what of identity? How do we define who we are online vs. who we are offline? In our hyper-connected world, identities are fractured.”

Now then, I am no psychologist nor am I one to let anyone off the hook for pansy-ass type excuses for low self-esteem, but the author of that piece is correct, there are definitely issues and changing dynamics there I believe. The author further denotes that the new you online and off is a reflection of several “You” personas such as:

What I Think I Am
What Other People Think I Am
What I Think Other People Think I Am

Are you beginning to see the challenges here? Are you who you are, or are you who it says you are online? Further, why do you care what anyone else thinks in the first place? Would you rather be part of the blob of humanity, and the mass mob of hysteria, or would you rather be yourself. There have been many instances where individuals have either been thrown off a social network, or flamed by their former friends, and then committed suicide because of it.

They feel as if their life isn’t worth living anymore, because their online image has been destroyed. That’s crazy isn’t it? But it’s happening. In fact, young teenage boys now would rather have a stellar profile online, rather than having a car. They care more about looking good to the world, which gives them a sense of pride, than being a good athlete, good with the musical instrument, receiving excellent grades, or having a nice car.

This has all become more pronounced in the last five years, and as I said in the next five, it will be staggering the changes. Are we ready for that, and mind you, I often think that social scientists, and psychologists are often full of themselves, but now this has become a real issue, right in front of us, in our face (book) every single day, and we could keep driving our society down this road, one that we don’t know where it leads, and for all we know it may drive us right off a cliff – or we can address this issue and make sure these social networking sites serve us.

Indeed, I ask that you please consider all this and think on it, and no I’m not against social networks per se, although I don’t engage in that activity, but from an outside observational standpoint, we should all be concerned at this point.

The Facebook Pet Society

Facebook is undoubtedly the top social networking society in the internet world. This site has millions of users and even more visitors at any one time. The site allows you to connect with friends old and new, share thoughts, and all kinds of ideas and has even become a platform for playing online role-playing games like Mafia Wars, Fashion Wars, and FarmVille. One of these applications is known as the Facebook Pet Society.

The Facebook Pet Society is an application generated by the Playfish social games company and has a following of over 5 million virtual pet lovers. You will be able to create a pet from scratch and the only limit is your imagination. One is able to play games, do some fishing, gardening, bonding, and be part of your pet’s life. You get the opportunity to earn bonus coins that you can use in the Facebook Pet Society shop so you can buy accessories, gifts and even more pets for your pet to be a much happier camper. They use their application to let you know about new pets and accessories for your pet.

The Facebook Pet Society is not only about fun and games. They also create awareness about the real animal world through their profile wall. Their latest campaign is saving the Congo Basin Mountain Gorilla. Through their online store, you can purchase an actual stuffed gorilla and proceeds will go towards preserving this endangered species. The Facebook Pet Society brings a whole new perspective to online gaming and making new friends, both human and animal.